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Enjoy your stay at a wonderful location overlooking the marvellous Caldera and the volcanic islets

The traditional hotel Angel Cave Houses is located at the scenic settlement of Oia, Santorini Greece. Oia lies at the northern tip of Santorini boasting incredible views of the mysterious Caldera and the volcanic islets Palaia and Nea Kameni and is renowned for its magnificent golden sunset that will steal your heart away.

Angel Cave Houses in Oia Santorini is at close proximity to the beautiful beach of Baxedes and at a walking distance from Armeni beach. It can be approached by climbing down 230 steps. From the hotel you have easy access to all the other Santorini beaches, while it is also conveniently located nearby the super market, the bus stop, the shops and all Oia entertainment and dining venues.

The following destinations are easily accessible from the traditional hotel Angel Cave Houses in Oia:

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